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Mar. Established Intelligent Robot Education & Research Association.
May. Established Robo Optics Co., Ltd.
May. Developed Home Cleaning Game Tool Prototype-Industry-Academy-Laboratory
Joint Technology Development Project managed by the Small and Medium
Business Administration.
Jun. Certification of a venture enterprise by technological evaluation.
Aug. Remote : Controlled Building-Duct Cleaning Robot was introduced in ¡°Venture Korea¡±
of KBS 1.
Nov. Being awarded in the Idea Contest managed Ansan Techno Park
: Home-Cleaning Game Tool
Dec. Being selected as a designated company for industrial function member by the
Military Manpower Administration
Mar. Developed Youth Robot, Euiseon, by
¡°2001 Industry-Academy-Laboratory Joint Technology Development Project.¡±
May. Developed Optical Fiber Alignment Device for Optical Communication - Industrial Technology Development Project of the Ministry of Information and Communication.
Jun. Concluded the Contract on the Production and Sales of Robots for Home Appliances
with Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd.
Aug. Being selected as a small and medium company with technical innovation (INNO-BIZ)
by the Ministry of Small and Medium Business Administration.
Oct. Established an affiliated research institute, ¡°Opto Mecha Track Institute.¡±
Apr. Internet Home Security Monitoring & Cleaning Robot - Technology Innovational & Development Project by the Small and Medium Business Administration
Apr. Being awarded in ¡°2nd Small and Medium Venture Company Establishment Exhibition¡± managed by the Small and Medium Business Administration¡± - Internet Security
Monitoring Robot
May. Technological counseling in Asia Brocast Union (ABU) Robocon managed by Asia-
Pacific Broadcasting Union
Dec. Being awarded in ¡°2002 Creative Integrated Design Contest¡± managed
by Korea Industrial Technology Foundation.
Feb. Launched Robot-Creative Engineering Class Education Business.
Mar. Developed Intelligent Robot Education Contents.
Sep. Operated Robot Experience Class for Korea Basic Science Institute, Institute of
Continuing Education of Induk Institute of Technology, and Jinju National University.
Nov. Robot Experience Class in Seoul National Science Museum
Dec. Operated Robot Exhibition Center in Seoul National Science Museum.
Feb. Education and Cultivation of Robot Creativity Education Teachers Opened the
website of RoboRobo Co., Ltd, www.roborobo.co.kr
Jul. Robot Experience Class in Korea Basic Science Institute

Adoption as the text by the Electronics Depart of Seongdong Technical High School

Sep. Adoption as the Creative Engineering Design Course by the School of mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University (Suwon University, Ansan College of Technology, and Kyungil University)
Sep. Developed Robot Creativity Education Contents by the Technology Innovation Project of Small-and-Medium Enterprises managed by the Small and Medium Business Administration.
Oct. Manufacture and education of Voluntary Intelligent Robots for NURI Project Team of the School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, Kyungil University.
Nov. Certification of Continuing Education Facility for Robot Creativity in relation to Knowledge Manpower Development Project
Dec. Developed and delivered Ubiquitous (URC) Robot to Samsung Electronics.
Mar. Collected 10,000 Specialty Aptitude Members from 200 schools.
Jun. Adoption for education of Talent Class by Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education

Vacation Robot Experience Class with 1,000 participants in Yeongnam University

Oct. Renamed the affiliated research institute as ¡°Intelligent Robot Institute.¡±
Nov. Operated 1st National Creative Robocon Contest. 12 Adoption as the course for
Creative Engineering Design by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of
Subgkyunkwan University
Jan. Operated Robot Experience Class with 2,000 participants from 10 colleges.
Mar. Cultivated 300 Robot Science Teachers for robot education of 30,000 Specialty Aptitude Members from 700 schools.

Provided Middle Class Job Training of robot science in the Youth Science Study Contest.

Jun. Renamed the company name from Robo Optics Co., Ltd to RoboRobo Co., Ltd.
Aug. Consecutive 5 Prizes in Robot Olympiad Contest managed by the Ministry of Science & Technology.
Aug. Started export to Hong Kong.
Sep. Participated in Canada Toronto Exhibition.
Sep. National Youth Science Study Contest; Elementary Part - Minister¡¯s Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, and Bronze Award in the of Robot Science Middle Part - Minister¡¯s Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, and Bronze Award
Feb. Robot Science Job Training for Gyeonggi Provincial office of Education
Jul. ISO9000 Certification

7 Prizes in Robot Olympiad Contest - Award by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy, Award by the Ministry of Information and Communication, and the Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology

Nov. Grand Award in Educational Robot area - Korea Educational Industry Manger Contest
Nov. Robot Science Job Training for the elementary and middle school teachers of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
Feb. Operated Teachers¡® Robot Contest.
Feb. Being selected as the Grand Award in ¡°2008 Korea Good Small and Medium Enterprise Contest.¡±
Jun. Grand Award in ¡°2008 Korea Educational Industry Contest.¡±
Jun. Certification of ISO 9001:2000/ KS A 9001:2000
Aug. 10 Prizes and Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the national contest of International Robot Olympiad

National Youth Science Study Contest (2 Prizes for 3 consecutive years) Robot Science Elementary Part - Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology Middle Part - Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology

Sep. Participated in the National Assembly Exhibition with selection as a Good Product of a Small and Medium Enterprise.
Decd: Award in Enterprise Technology Appraisal Part - 3rd Robot Contest (Intelligent Robot Technology Area - managed by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
Jan. Being selected as a participant in Hi Seoul Brand Project.
Feb. Being selected as a company for School¡¯s Model Education Project after Educational
Robot Class ? the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.