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Educational Robot Kit #1
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Product Overview
Robo Kit has been accepted and was adopted as the ¡°Creative Engineering Design" course by the School of mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University it is a new concept learning tool that improves creativity and thinking power as well as interests because the robot structure and robot program may freely be configured. This product provides the programming environment of the concept of flowing charts escaping from the
limit in existing robot programming methods to input letters and the beginners with no experience may easily follow
the sequence. Also, various structures and sensors and motor module are supplied, the learner may make various creative robots.

Robo kit #1 is a primary grade robot kit and provides the opportunity to experience the basic knowledge on the robots it can be used as the education course to have proper understanding of the robots and grow the hope and dream of the future and the learners can make robots and learn the programming methods.

* This product contains no ¡°USB to Serial¡± port and the learner may purchase this port by necessity.
* Recommended O/S is Windows XP. (The program may not be available in Windows Vista.)
Photographs of Products
Completed Robots
EasyBot TreeBot FlyBot RaceBot
DancingBot ControlBot HittingBot BumperBot
SensingBot KickboardBot